Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look to the Clouds

It seems that the future of computing is going minimalist. Microsoft and PC makers made a strong effort to drop the crapware that normally comes with new PCs during the development of Windows 7. Netbooks come with slimmed down operating systems. Google has an online suite of services, their Google Chrome browser is slimmed down and very speed, while the Chrome operating system is promised to also be quick and slim. The center of this minimalist future depends heavily on the use of the internet.
Google's online services will most likely be at the center of their Chrome OS. Next year Microsoft will roll out Office 2010 for the both the Mac and PC but users can already access the Office Live Workspace where users can create and share projects online as well as store them there. Google has a similar service called Google Docs while users of Apple's iWork can post iWork projects to be shared on Office suites aren't the only web services designed to increase productivity and aid in sharing. The newest cloud computing services are receiving a lot of early adopters and look to provide a great future for sharing and online computer back up services.
This new frontier in the world of computing will help computer users retain important files as well as share them. Some of the big names in cloud computing so far are Apple with their Mobileme service, Mozy, DropBox, as well as Google and Microsoft. The only drawback to these services is their reliance on the internet. So, if you are constantly connected, don't want to spend money on software and services, are looking for an efficient way to back up your computer, or hate messing with external hard drives and flash drives, pay attention to the next few posts as I review these online services. As always, your comments are welcome and if there are any other products or services you would like to have featured here, let us know.

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