Monday, January 11, 2010

Useful Resources for Internet Newbies

The internet can be an overwhelming place, especially for those who are new to the whole idea. Here is a quick little guide to point you in the direction you may want to go. Here are some of the best resources and sites out there. Check them out and see for yourself.
Most home pages offer up the latest headlines for you, but there are plenty of other great news resources online. You have choices just like when you watch news on the TV. Here are 14 suggestions.
1) Digg
3) CNN
4) CBS
5) ABC
6) FOX
7) Google
8) Yahoo!
9) Reuters
10) USA Today
11) Gizmodo
12) Wired
13) Popular Science
14) Popular Mechanics

Here are a few resources that can help you answer questions, discover the history behind people, places, and things, and teach you some new things.
2) Wiki How
3) Wikipedia
4) Blurt It
5) Tech Source Guy

I hope these sources help. Another great tool, and one of my favorites, is StumbleUpon. Click on the above link, set up an account and select all of your interests from the provided list. Once you are all set up, StumbleUpon will take you to websites you may be interested in and probably would not find on your own.

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