Monday, November 30, 2009


This past holiday week was undoubtedly uneventful here on MyEconoBlog. Between office issues, waiting on hold with various customer service representatives and stuffing our faces with turkey, not much was done. So now on this Monday, it seems everything is business as usual. You may notice that the page layout is changing. This is also another reason for no new posts in so long. Software recommendations and other new bits are popping up on here and there is more to come.
It seems like the week of Thanksgiving was not the best week to be lazy, but I promise, there are more deals out there than those on Black Friday and we WILL fill you in on them. The holiday shopping season has only begun and as we move in to December, the need for great gifts at a great price will become increasingly important for those last minute shoppers out there. With that said, stick around or check back at your convenience. There are great thinks to come at MyEconoBlog.

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